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For the last decade, Webcetera, L.P., has delivered innovative software solutions for the insurance industry. Our technology is being leveraged by insurance agents and carriers to help them maintain a competitive edge with real-time responsiveness and operating efficiency. Other technologies empower consumers to get instant live quoting for home and auto insurance, giving them the flexibility and transparency to compare rates and make financially savvy decisions.

What Makes Us Different

We have established the de facto leadership position in the market with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to fully automate the exchange of information between insurance company, independent agent, and the end consumer.

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As a technology company, it is our goal to reach beyond the boundaries of status quo to accomplish the most difficult of tasks. Whether you are a consumer or an insurance professional, we try to offer premium web-based solutions to make your life easier.

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Today’s technology empowers you to research insurance options from the comfort of your home, during a lunch break, or even standing in line at the grocery store. The experience can go very well or very wrong depending on the online insurance service. That’s why we designed an intelligent insurance engine called AgentInsure. In 5 minutes or less, receive 3 quotes or more from top insurance companies with only 1 agent for the most convenient and beneficial experience.

A 21st Century Insurance company faces challenges other than acquiring new customers. We realize it’s more complex than that. Webcetera has become an industry leader by equipping insurance professionals with tools vital to advancing their businesses in the competitive world of insurance. With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, many are experiencing the advantages of our technology, which all begins with EZLynx.

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